About Us

Sepadu Fleet Sdn Bhd is a truck rental company that provide a wide range of truck services for cooperate and industrial uses.  Our company is located in Subang Jaya, Selangor and our transport service is throughout Peninsular Malaysia.

Sepadu Fleet Sdn Bhd specialized in wide range of commercial truck. Our range of commercial truck is from 1 Tonne Box Truck and Lorry to 5 Tonne Box Truck and Lorry. Besides that, we also provide rental service for refrigerated truck and lorry, moving trucks, transporters, cargo and passenger vans. We have provided all of these vehicles in different size. Therefore, you can easy to find your right van or right truck from us.

Sepadu Fleet Sdn Bhd aims to:
  • Excellence in our business approach.
  • Assurance in quality of our consultative service to provide you with optimum logistics solution.
  • Reliance in entrusting us with our expertise to offer you the best modes of transport and rates for your consignments.

Sepadu Fleet Sdn Bhd is your trusted truck rental company in Malaysia. Rent a truck with us and have the means to reliably take care of your transportation tasks. Please contact us or email us for further information and enquiry.

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